Miyako XLS II - documentation existe?


Pour le plugin XLS II de Maître Miyako, impossible de trouver une autre documentation que ce qui est dans le dossier ressources du plugin, et qui donne le nombre d’arguments sans explication…

Rien sur google et ça existe pourtant forcément.

Qui a le secret du donjon de Miyako ?

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Hello, I am very sorry for the poor documentation. :pray:

you might be able to find some pointers in the source


Hi Keisuke,

Thanks for this information.

I think with all the 4D developers using it that someone has written something, but I find nothing shared.

If I write something, I’ll sent it to you to check and share it.

Thanks again for all what you make for 4D community !

Hi Michel!

I agree with you!
A documentation would be very helpful.