Moving Methods V17 to V16R6

I have updated a database from V16R6 to V17.1. I am seeing some issues and want to test with V16R6 so need to copy a bunch of methods from V17 back to to V16R6. Drag and drop between the two is not working using Explorer and I cannot seem to initiate the moving dialog in V16. It looks like it works going from v16 to v17 ?

Is that correct ?

We noticed the same issue.

To copy some methods from v17 to v16 we had to create an empty method in the v16 database and copy/paste the v17 methods code, one by one.


It seems 4D to protect against the downgrade through drag n drop. Sure a lot of developer will regret this

4D does not allow D’nD “from recent to old”, likely for compatibility reasons.
But you can export v17/import v16 these methods.

Export from v17 with GET CODE> (with option = 1) and import in v16 with SET CODE>