NET_RESOLVE does not select the right ethernet adapter

Using VirtualBox on my PC, I need to have my system administrator installed a “VirtualBox Host-Only Network”.

So when running ipconfig, I have 2 Ethernet interfaces declared:

Ethernet adapter Ethernet (with the IP of my computer on the network), the one on which 4D IC listens to UDP or TCP connections

Ethernet adapter VirtualBox Host-Only Network, with a different IPv4 address.

Unfortunately 4D IC Net_Resolve command returns the IP of the 2nd interface, which I don’t want.

I use it the following way: $vlError:=NET_Resolve (Current machine;<>vtClientIpAddress)

Is there a way to mention which Ethernet interface I want to read the IP address from ?

you can obtain a collection of IPAddresses with

better than Internet Commands.

Thanks for the info.
Better, for sure in my case because it returns all network interfaces, ….

But much much slower (add time to the initialization of the software…)