New Release AJUI_Tip 1.4

We are proud and exited to announce a new release :

        • AJUI_Tip 1.4 * * * *

The design is everything !

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We have worked hard to add a “simple” and elegant new functionality : Curved Arrow

Small refinements and BIG effects. Once you’ve tested it, you won’t want to go back.

We have completely revamped and enhanced the AJUI Tip LAB using a list Property “à la 4D” and include a new HDI Curves.

The AJUI Tip LAB application will help you to create your Tip templates that you can later import in your own application. It also includes a powerful 4D code generator to help integration of AJUI Tip component.

We now provide the source code of AJUI Tip LAB, so it will give you real code examples of how to integrate and use AJUI Tip component in your 4D applications. By the way, the Lab is also using AJUI_Button and AJUI_Banner, so it’s a good source of example to use them too.

That’s not all. For a complete list of the changes introduced with this new release, please consult this link: log>

The user manual has been updated to include all the changes and additional functionalities. So don’t forget to download it.

We provide the user manual in English and in French.

Give it a try

:ch: :fr:

:ch: :de:

AND it’s free !

NB : Because we integrated the component AJUI_Banner and AJUI_Button, AJUI Tip LAB application needs 4D V17R5. But the minimum requirement for the AJUI_Tip component is 4D v17R3.