New to 4D Write Pro from v11 4D Write Plugin

I have just upgraded from v11 to v17 and notice there’s been some big changes at the word processing desk.

What I used to do for my form letters was create an offscreen area and push my formatted letter text into that from a field of type PICTURE, then print the area via WR PRINT. Pretty basic stuff.

WR New offscreen area is no longer an option.

Should I simply define a variable of type C_OBJECT and use that inste>Product :4D - 4D Server

OS : Mac OS X

ii. In v11, I could add a field to the bodytext of a letter by simply typing «[TABLE]Field» - but I’m not sure if this is still the case?

iii. Can I programatically show/hide references? I used to be able to use WR SET DOC PROPERTY but it is no more.

Hello Sean,

1 - You have answered the 1st question by yourself. offscreen areas are useless, just create a new area using the WP New command and you’re ready to play.
(don’t forget WP New, a simple object (var of field ) is not ready to use by 4DWP, it must be initialized first; that’ what WP New does.

2 - Nope. You have to use “ST insert expression”.

3 - Yes you can. Again, use the ST commands. Many of them are compatible with 4D Write Pro (or should i say the opposite ? :slight_smile:

Note about 2&3 : (we plan to create native WP commands later but it’s not a priority as long as this work around works fine)

ST GET OPTIONS(;“StyledText_t”;ST Expressions display mode;$exprValue)
;“StyledText_t”;ST Expressions display mode;ST Values)
ST SET OPTIONS(*;“StyledText_t”;ST Expressions display mode;ST References)
End if

(this is the way the widget works…see enclosure picture)

Have a nice day !