New XLIFF Tool : AJ_Tools_XLIFF

We are proud to announce our new XLIFF 4D component tool :

      • AJ_Tools_xliff * * *

It is intended for 4D developers as well as translators. It allows you to manage the XLIFF translations of your 4D application.

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You can translate simultaneously into different languages. The number of languages is not limited.

It allows you to work in client/server with different users at the same time to translate your application with no limitations.

A modern graphical interface allows you to view and edit several languages simultaneously. You can easily navigate through the organization of languages, files, groups and strings in a single window.

XLIFF import/export
The component allows the import of the already existing XLIFF files for every language, simple and easily. Just a click of a button.

Make it a try, you will be amazed by its capability.

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