Nordic charcters and sorting

I am running 17.4. After upgrading to version 17 I have not been able to sort correctly. Ø are recognised as O. Æ and Å are recognised as A.

I have set database to Unicode mode both in settings and in startup-code. I have tested on indexed and non-indexed fields.

Any suggestions?


Bjørn Arve Iversen
Zoft Zircus

Added information: If I create a complete new database (which I can not do — of cause) the sort order is correct in the new database.

Added information: The problem exists both on Mac and Windows. It is the same whether we run compiled or not. It is the same problem when running with engine in application (Mac and Windows). We have even tested on version 18.1. There must be a hidden file somewhere.

Bjørn Arve

hi, the rules to sort text depends on the language chosen in your database settings for your datafile:

So you should check if the right language is selected.

Yess! That is the solution. In version 14 there was an option to set this to Norwegian (I think). No longer possible. I tried Danish now and it seems to work in most cases. Thanks a lot…

Bjørn Arve
Zoft Zircus