Notarizing for Catalina

I substituted 17R5’s Internet Command Plugin for the standard one in 17.2 (17R5’s worked fine in my app). I was then able to Notarize my 17.2 merged application and Staple the Notarization to it using the techniques described in this thread: :-D. Terminal commands confirm the Notarization and Stapling were successful.

[]30899697;“Your comment here…”[/]

However, when I try to open the App on my test machine running the Catalina Public Beta, it “quits unexpectedly” as it’s opening. No crash. I will give feedback to Apple but I wonder if anyone has insight into what is happening. It’s hopefully just a Beta issue but a work-around would be nice.

Scott try the safe way with the tool from magic Miyako


For Catalina you need 17.2 HF1 I believe…