[OFF] 4D Holiday Season


A quick question about 4D and holiday season:-

Is there a company wide policy for holidays in July or August? If not, are most folks juillettists or aoûtiens ?

Just wanted to understand for planning purposes.

Many thanks.

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I am not sure I understand the question but I would like to point out that (at least in the US) July and August are summer months when most children are out of school. So if you have a family and have accumulated time off throughout the year, it seems like a logical time to take time off (and spend with your family).

If my response is completely unrelated then I apologize for wasting your time (as i said, i don’t quite understand the question).

Sorry Tim, I should have been clearer.

I was specifically talking about 4D France. In France there is a mass exodus to holiday in either July or August or both. It is quite an efficient approach actually (get all holidays out of the way at the same time), but other countries don’t all do the same.


I was wondering whether 4D Engineering (and 4D International Support) had all been on holiday in July (and therefore just returning) or if they were all just about to go in August.

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The company is not shut down, don’t worry.

Of course more people are not in office as normally.
Some are currently returning from vacation, some are just in the middle of theirs, and some are leaving in the next days.

Holiday season or not, we continue to work on new features, we continue to fix bugs, we continue to write invoices - and we continue to ask for payments :slight_smile:

I wasn’t worried, just wanted to understand the approach. Now I understand, all good.

Thanks Thomas.

: Thomas MAUL

and we continue to ask for payment

Done :mrgreen: