OLD forum Errors

Searching the old forum is giving me this error.

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: https://forums.4d.com/Post/EN/23498381/1/23498382#23498382
Line Number 12, Column 6:
n.ico" sizes=“32x32” type=“image/x-icon”>

Can someone check. It is an invaluable source of info.

Does work for me. What is your search term?
And your link is showing a blank page only. There is an “Internal Server Error”:

<method>Rappel externe</method>
<contents>Il manque un champ, une variable ou une table.</contents>
<description>[2020-05-27T11:56:05+02:00] </description>

But I’m afraid there will be no more fixes.

search (and clicking the displayed results) works for me as well.

The link you listed looks like an invalid link. to reproduce, analyse (and hopefully fix), we would need to know what search term you used for which subforum…

It would appear to be just that link. The search terms was “pointer to table name”

the subject is " create a pointer when both the name of the table and field are strings"

date 28/03/2018 in v15 corner

It is not an issue if one off error.

Hi Paul,
same as you, I see the subject in the list after search but opening it results in white page. Maybe some equivalent here?

checking in process…

should work now, thanks for reporting.