On err call when sending mail without a recipient


4D 18.1, On err call is installed.
I send a message without any recipent (new mail commands):

Question 1
There’s no 4D syntax error, so why does 4D raise an eror: Error = -1? In my opinion, the right behaviour shouldn’t raise this error.

Question 2

GET LAST ERROR STACK($rL_Codes;$rT_CompInterne;$rT_Libelle)

Until today, I assumed that the Error variable was related to the value found inside the array $rL_Codes of GET LAST ERROR STACK.
For the current case, it appears that Error is not in $rL_Codes: is it an expected behaviour?

Thank you for answers :face_with_monocle:


Strange, there should be a dedicated error for this case…
I’ll take a look ASAP

Thanks for feedeback

BTW, what is the feedback for TAOW 143531 : SMTP_transporteur.checkConnection( ) error:1425F102 ?


OK sorry, I hadn’t understood your concern and the specific error related to the absence of recipient is well thrown (that’s the main thing). Yes, it’s true, the “error” variable doesn’t take the value of the first error in the error stack… OK but it wasn’t supposed to do so…

If you have a problem with this behavior I suggest you send a bug report then I could discuss it with the PO.


OK. Merci

and what about : TAOW 143531 : SMTP_transporteur.checkConnection( ) error:1425F102 ?

The problem has already been solved in main version, but its non-trivial integration may take some time.
From now, the min TLS version supported by SMTP and POP3 transporters (and eventually future ones :shushing_face:) does not depend on the min TLS version used by 4D anymore (TLS_1.2 as reminder).

Do you confirm we speak of the same issue: mine is when throwing an error due to TLS level succes is always True

$O_Transporter:=SMTP New transporter($O_Server)