ORDA: dataClass.new() behaves differently in C/S

Product :4D - 4D Server
4D : v17
OS : Windows

It appears that dataClass.new() behaves differently when running in Client/Server environment compared to running in single user mode.

For example, an expression like


returns an entity with a primary key (auto-increment) assigned, and null values in other fields are converted to empty strings or zeros in SINGLE USER MODE. In the C/S mode, however, it’s entity has no primary values and every field is null. A primary value will be assigned when save() is called, not when new() is called.

Secondary, perhaps related to the above, in C/S mode, Form variables for the new entity fields like


are not enterable - it immediately wipes out whatever you enter in it. In a single user application, there is no problem entering values in the Form variables.


A bug has been opened for this (ACI0098538).

Thank you for reporting this problem.