ORDA fail

I just had my first random, no explanation runtime error from a method I converted from SQL to ORDA. The code has been live for a day and a half - looks like it failed sometime early in day 2.

The code is as follows, and runs a lot:



$oEntitySelection:=ds.Inventory.query(“ItemID=:1”;$tItemID) <-- runtime error occurred here
If ($oEntitySelection.length>=1)
End if


It failed on the $oEntitySelection:= line with this cryptic message:

Error code: 1806 (dbmg)
URL is not well formed
component 'dbmg'

Error code: 1806 (dbmg)
Error code: 801 (xbox)

I’m having a very similar issue. Mine only happens when running database on server. Is that your case? the other thing i suspect is that i’m running it on a old 2.66 quad core intel zeon mac. I’m wondering if that might be something.

Yes, this was in client-server mode, but it was fixed back in a 17.0 hotfix. Are you on a somewhat current version (i.e. 17.2 or 17.1 HF2)?

I had a similar message (“URL is not well formed, etc.”) with 17R2 when the search value embedded a single quote (’).
$oEntitySelection:=ds.Inventory.query(“ItemID=:1”;$tItemID) <-- runtime error if quote in $tItemID
Gone in 17R4.