ORDA new table not available as dataclass until restart server

I dont know if this is a bug but on 18.1 client server When you add a new table with the primary key etc you don’t seem to be able to use that table as a data class. In the method editor it is a lighter colour than the other tables. See images the new table is DjCatalog. The second image shows the same table after restarting the server. I’m not using project mode.

If you restart the server the table becomes available. Spent ages trying to work this one out.


[]34749054;“Tbale not available”[/]

[]34749062;“After restart.”[/]


I dont know if this is a bug but on 18.1
It’s like that since the beginning with orda, I haven’t heard it was changed.

And later if you fill any additional field, you’ve to restart too.

Good Morning,

Thanks for confirming. Very frustrating.