OSX Catalina, 4Dv17R6 built application, path to datafile not remembering

Product :4D - 4D Server
OS : Mac OS X

We installed our compiled, built 4D v17R6 app on OSX Catalina.

Every time we launch the app, it presents a UI request for the path to the data file.

We made the app folder Read Write for all.

It seems this is a Catalina issue.

I need ideas so our users don’t have to find the datafile every launch of the application.


David Ringsmuth

We made the app folder Read Write for all

I assume it is faster to use your tech support for this, as it seems to me that you are using old/legacy settings. Without checking your application this is only guessing and all I write could be totally wrong. so the following text could describe your issue - but could be also be very wrong. In that case, please contact tech support.

My first check would be your compatibility page to see if
Use new architecture for application deployment
is checked.

Then, after a test launch, I would check if the file
~/Library/Application Support/mybestapplication/lastDataPath.xml exists and if the content is correct.

For the next launch, the application should use this file to find the last used data file.


Your recommendation worked perfect!