Parse Formula: thread safe or not


Compiler doesn’t recognize, in v18, Parse formula as thread safe instead of the documentation indicates that should be the case:

4D bug or documentation error?


Hi Patrick

I think this is a error in documentation.
But i am not knowing in future maybe a parseFormula can be go to threadSafe,
but at the moment it is NOT-Threadsafe.

Ok, it is like you said
a unsolved question,
threadSafe or notThreadSave,
errorInDocu or errorIn4DsInternStatusParameter.
We can not know, if 4D write wrong infos in documentation
or documentation was correct
and 4Ds intern App-Parameter contains a wrong status to this command (a reason why commandName and compilerCheck says wrongly ‘this is not threadSafe’.


This picture explains which threadSaveStatus get back from 4Ds “Command name”:

Yes, indeed. It was just to show this to 4D :wink:
We have the same information:

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