Pasting multiple pasteboard history fragments in Methods

Didn’t you ever have to repeat two or more code fragments pasting then into several different methods?
Pasteboard history is a good tool for those repetitive copy-pasting tasks.
But it has a problem.
If when pasting those fragments into the target method you need to do some additional local copy-pasting, for instance, for moving lines in between a fragment pasted, the new lines copied go to the first lines of pasteboard history moving the rest of them down until they disappear.
And re-pasting history fragments doesn’t bring them up in history. So sooner or later they’ll disappear and you’ll have to recopy them to retrieve them.
How about bringing up a history fragment again when re-pasted?

Any issue using these?:


I’d used those a long time ago.
I don’t remember in which version they stopped to work fine so I just forgot about them :sleeping:
But even so I believe that re-pasted items should go up in the history.

I agree. And the same with “Find history” in the Find Dialogs !
(but I have no problem at all with “1-9 pasteboards”)

Yes: when I restart 4D, I’d like it to remember them :unamused:
(thinking about a feature request, BTW…)
But beside this, it works fine for me

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Would 4D Pop “pasteboard” help?

On apple keyboard without numeric keypad there is a problem :frowning:

Nope, I’d begun a pasteboard historic but not finalised it.
But it’ll not so difficult. I’ll note it.
Vote if you want it.

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I vote yes indeed!

As I used a Mac for developing when I could go to my office :mask: :mask: :mask: I believe that was the problem. Command+Numeric keys didn’t work fine.

I agree with the session resiliency request, however, I find that as I’m getting older, I can’t remember what I have in each of these 9 clipboards, let alone what I copied and pasted in the last hour.

I use the 9 clipboards for temporary use, and If I find that I am copying the same fragment multiple times and across sessions, a macro does the trick. I find it easier to manage since I can name it rather than having to examine the contents before use.

Now, if we could just have the option of saving any one of these 9 clipboard as a macro…

I don’t use this clipboards, but think remember you have a tips on each icons to display the content


I know about the tip, but when I have all 9 full, I have to look at each one until I get to the right one, only to realized that its not in any of them and then go hunting for that fragment.

Like I said, my memory is not as good as it was…

Neither does mine :wink:

I do this: cmd+1 -> oops not this one -> cmd+Z -> cmd+2 -> oops not this one -> cmd+Z -> cmd+3 -> oops not this one -> cmd+Z, etc.
It’s as silly as waiting for a help bubble to pop up, but I feel like I’m doing something. :crazy_face:

I like the approach IntelliJ is using …
There is one shortcut for “Paste from history …” (Ctrl+Shift+V in my case) and you get a dialog like this:


Then you can select the desired entry, also with the arrow keys on the keyboard. In terms of usability, this is far better than the current situation with the 4D Method Editor.
I practically never use these keys.

On Mac, I use Clipy, free and simple and I get all my history very easily.


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Thank you for that!! I have to admit that I did not look into an external solution for quite a while, so your suggestion pushed me to look for one.

Since I am on Windows, Clipy does not work for me, but I did find ClipClip for Windows, does the same thing and add in line translation using the Google Translate engine. Slick…


If your on Windows 10 there is a built in clip board manager. You have to turn it on, but it automatically tracks your clipboard and opens a window with your history.