Pdf attachment to email

An association want to send bills to its members (annual quota). This should be done by email. Ideally, the bill should be an attachment to the e-mail.

I was thinking of WP Pro for this, but I’m struggling to get started.

If someone knew about a description that shows how to create the virtual / invisible WP document, enter text and export the document it would be very nice.


I suggest you take a look at the HDI database available here:


Hello Yannick
Thanks for answering. My problem is not to send the mail but to generate the correct document. I have tried this (simplified for this example):

My_WP_Pro_Dok:= WP New

$range:= WP Create range (My_WP_Pro_Dok;1;9)

WP SET TEXT ($range;“MyNewText”;wk append)

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($range;wk font size;28;wk font bold;wk true;wk font family;“Helvtica”)

WP PRINT (My_WP_Pro_Dok)

The document print with correct text size, but I have tried several attributes/commands to change the font to Helvetica. I am also struggeling with tabs, but one problem at a time…

Is there som example code somewhere.


You should export your 4D Write Pro doc in PDF and send this file in the mail (attachment)

See the code to send email here:

For using 4D Write Pro the problem is that it depend for which 4D Version ?
Follow this link and make your market :wink:


Hi Manuel
Thanks for reply. I am very aware that my question is poorly formulated. It was sent at a frantic moment when customers were asking for results and I felt that I was not making progress. I see that the mail method used is elegant, but my problem is not sending the document it is creating it.

The status now is that I have managed to create a header plus a bit more:

My_WP_Pro_Dok:= WP New

$rangeHead:= WP Create range (My_WP_Pro_Dok;1;20)

WP SET TEXT ($rangeHead;"Bill No.: ";wk append)

WP SET TEXT ($rangeHead;“3256”;wk append) // Example will be extracted from data

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($rangeHead;wk font size;28) // Working

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($rangeHead;wk font;“Helvetica Neue”) // Working

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($rangeHead;wk font bold;wk true) // Working

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($rangeHead;wk text align;wk center) // Working

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($rangeHead;wk border style;wk double) // Working, but

WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($rangeHead;wk border color;Blue)

$rangeSenderName:= WP Create range (My_WP_Pro_Dok;20;40)

WP SET TEXT ($rangeSenderName;“OrganizationName”;wk append) // Err. This is added on same line as heading

WP PRINT (My_WP_Pro_Dok)

Thank a lot again! Regards
Bjørn Arve Iversen

The problem remain (It is not only your fault), we still not know for which 4D version we are talking about ? :roll_eyes:

IF 4D READ THIS THREAD : How could we now know for which version (& build) of 4D we talk ? There is no more Sub Forum for 4D version :thinking:

For my part, I don’t know if it is good practice or not, but it works

I use this method:

My_WP_Pro_Dok:= WP New

and for each text I have to add:

$My_WP_Pro_Tempo:= WP New
$MyAddText:= “blaBla”
WP SET TEXT ($My_WP_Pro_Tempo;$MyAddText;wk append)
$range:= WP Create range (My_WP_Pro_Dok;wk start text;wk end text)
WP SET ATTRIBUTES ($range;wk font bold;wk true;wk font;“Helvetica Neue”)
WP INSERT DOCUMENT (My_WP_Pro_Dok; $My_WP_Pro_Tempo;wk append)

I am using 4D 17.4.

Bjørn Arve Iversen

It’s to me to be sorry…
For ME, for versions below the v18.x, I don’t recommend to use 4D Write Pro.

You can, but you have to be very careful if you want to convert old 4D Write documents.