PDF in Webarea Mac OSX 32 bit


I have seen some posts about High Sierra - WebArea - PDF viewing
and that it doesn’t work so well from osX 10.13.
Is there some news on this topic or some workarounds other then
opening in Safari direct.

Best Regards
Magnus Torell

: Magnus TORELL

Is there some news on this topic or some workarounds other then
opening in Safari direct.

It is unlikely that Apple will change their decision to stop 32 bit. We need to expect that everything based on 32 bit (here WebKit) will show more and more issues.

Sooner or later you need to start migrating to 64 bit…

Thanks Thomas,

I understand and I will of course head for 64 bit.
I am waiting for a command though: Create Stylesheet in Write Pro.
While building quotations/docs this is a very useful command in 4D Write.
However this functionality is not yet implemented in Write Pro,
so I have crossed my fingers and hope to get heard.
If you can press some buttons I am most thankful.

Best Regards
Magnus Torell

We have a drop-in component that uses the Mozilla PDFjs and it works fine on all versions of 4D>=v15, MacOS, 32-bit and 64-bit… We don’t have it working on Windows at this time.

I’ve attached it here:


Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you very much. It helps me in the meantime till we have
64 bit in place.

Best Regards
Magnus Torell

4D : v14.x>Product :4D - 4D Server


is there a version of the PDF-component for v14 ?

Thank you in advance.

Axel Kohlepp>OS : Mac OS X

Sorry - I don’t have v14 anymore - you should be able to open the component in v15 and copy the methods over to v14 and then compile. The uncompiled component is available in the download link.

Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for this gadget that will be very useful for the coming months. Super. :pray: :sunglasses:

Many thanks, Jeffrey. Now we can peacefully migrate our old write to new write in 32 bit version with working web areas.

I did not noticed before, it seems this component displays pdf only when the embedded web rendering engine is unchecked. No matter if it works, but why?

since 10.13, the embedded web area (based on old WebKit) no longer renders PDF.
also, some other kinds of HTML are not rendered, although they seem to exist invisibly.


nothing has changed in 4D,
something must have been removed from PDFKit which is used by WebKit)

unfortunately this was expected,
since it was announced that 32-bit support will start to fade out with Mojave.

we need to use the system web area on 32-bit for PDF display.

the embedded web area for 64-bit is based on CEF, a different library and free from such limitations.

The integrated web area on 32-bit is really old - circa Mac OS X 10.6… a lot of modern stuff won’t work on it anymore. So as you found, you need to use the OS version of WebKit in order to display the PDFs. Once you get to 64-bit 4D then the integrated web area uses Google CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) which is modern… but it also has PDF viewing abilities built in so you won’t need the component even though it does work fine.

Glad you like it though… it’s definitely a nice option to have when you’re preparing for 64-bit.

: Jeffrey KAIN

it’s definitely a nice option to have when you’re preparing for 64-bit.
I thank you everyday! :slight_smile:

Hello, have you find a solution to make your component to work on windows ?

Thank you for this solution, it’s really a good replacement of the old ones.

No - sorry - we haven’t really looked though. We’re all 64-bit now and use the Chromium-based framework which has a nice PDF viewer.

Yeah i see after a lot of research that the web render in 64bit is Blink so i also make the rendering of PDF via a webarea now.

Thank you

the PDF rendering engine used in Chrome is based on FoxIt PDF Technology


it has been made open-source for the PDFium project.


normally you can use the CEF web area to display PDF,

but in case you need to work without the web area (for example, on the server side)

I published a PDFium plugin to convert PDF to bitmap (PNG)


you can increase the DPI for printing quality.