PDO-4D: unable to maintain code

I am using PDO 4D since years. The first job was to remove all the memory leaks (the code was not intended to run big queries in sequence… memory leaks occurred very quickly leading to crashes).

I have succeeded to follow a bit the evolution of the compilers and updates of php.

But each time, it is a very hard work.

The last trial with php 7 was unsuccessful and I am not confident in the future…

Why 4D does not provide a simple way to access the database from Linux platforms ? I was a “alpha” tester of an open4D solution years ago which was at the end abandoned by 4D.

Which solution would you recommend to replace PDO 4D (which was a good solution by the way) ?


The new web server of 4D is multithread with good performance.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to make a try and to use HTTP exchange with 4D Server instead to use PDO 4D.