I have the following code working well from v12.
<code 4D>
SET DATABASE PARAMETER(PHP use external interpreter;0)
$OK:=PHP Execute("";“relaunch_4d_php”)
PHP SET OPTION(PHP raw result;True)
DELAY PROCESS(Current process;1*60)

$isOK:=PHP Execute($script;"";$result)
DELAY PROCESS(Current process;30)  // 1/2 seconde de délai

</code 4D>

Since I move to 16R4, I got the following error message:


500 FCGI Erreur du client FastCGI dans le contexte
“{context}”.\nInfos d’environnement : UseExternalServer = {use_ext},
ip = {ip}, port = {port}, ExecutablePath = {path}.

Any idea, bug ?


Hi Patrick,

We’ve just upgraded from v13 to v17R6 and we are now getting this error on a few client machines. Did you ever find a solution?

So far it seems to be happening only on newer builds of Windows 10 (we’ve confirmed on build 1903 & 1909).



Here is a link to the forum:
Maybe a solution!


Unfortunaly, I didn’t find work around.
It happens also on Mac os 10.14.6 too.

Still very weird issue.


Thanks Benoit. I’ll get someone to check that solution.


Thanks Patrick. It is weird and is probably not the same issue, just the same error that 4D is displaying.

We noticed that one of the v17 R releases changed the PHP version from 5.4 to 7.3. Rolling the PHP version back to the one that ships with v17.4 is an option we are considering.

Otherwise, unless the solution linked by Benoit works for us, we’ll probably just remove our need to use PHP. We only use it for gzinflate and gzdeflate.


The 64-bit version of PHP 7 has the gd library embedded, so you should remove or comment out the line


from your php.ini (created automatically since v13) inside your Resources folder.

Windows 10 1903 seems to perform stricter checks for invalid DLLs.

But then, COMPRESS BLOB now supports gzip so it might not be necessary in your case to use PHP anymore.

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Thanks Keisuke. That makes sense, a little gotcha for upgraded databases.

I can’t check it myself as I only have 1703 installed. One of our other devs has 1903 installed so I’ll have him try it when he’s available again on Monday.

Regarding COMPRESS BLOB, we’re using inflate/deflate for some code that reads a PDF and does a find and replace on some text. I have plans to expose inflate() and deflate() from zlib via our plugin, but until then we’ll need to keep using PHP.


Thanks Keisuke. That solved our issue.