PHP Execute Server 2008

Has anyone managed to get php running on windows server 2008. I cannot get it to work for 15.4 or v16. Just testing

$vbExecuted:=PHP Execute("";“phpversion”;$vt_version)

My code works fine on windows 7 dev machine but move it to server and it wont run. It seems like its a permissions issue but I am running as admin.


It depends on what version of Windows 2008 you are using… if it is
not R2 then it is not compatible (see
ne_15/VIntl/20170902_CertifV15_4_INTL.pdf>v15.4 certification matrix>)

Otherwise the
ne_16R3/VIntl/CertifV16_R3_INTL.pdf>certification matrix> has the
following footnote:

: Certification Matrix

• On Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, the usage of the ‘PHP
EXECUTE’ command, requires the installation of Microsoft Visual C++
2008 SP1
Redistributable Package (x86)
(, or
.NET Framework 3.5.

Have you tried installing that onto your Windows 2008 R2 Server?

Thanks Tim, Thats fixed it.