PHP-fcgi-4d is still 32bit in v17.2 ... will break in macosx 10.15

4D : v17.2

Will 4D developers be including a 64 bit version of the php-fgi-4d thats inside the ?

As of 17.2 its still 32 bit
Which will break in MacOSx 10.15

[]30283745;“32 bit warning”[/]

Did you see?

I hadn’t .
I guess I can download it, and validate it
but then we wouldn’t see this until v18
but it would still be nice to see this fixed in v17

the PHP program is a different size in the v17R5 beta
and appears to 64bit compliant

: Aaron BLAZER

but it would still be nice to see this fixed in v17

It is not a fix but a major upgrade.
Starting with v17 R5 4D is embedding PHP version 7 and this 64 bit only.
This breaks compatibility, as it stops 32 bit and also might require changes in your PHP code.

As v17.x is supposed to continue to run on 32-bit we cannot do that in v17.

If you don’t need PHP you can remove the whole folder.
If you need it and can go to 64-bit only, go to v17 R5.
If you need 32 bit and PHP, you can compile your own PHP version and use that one. Note that this is complicated and time consuming on Mac, if you want/need to deploy it. You need to compile a different version for 32 bit and 64 bit and need to deploy two different releases, one for 10.14 and before and one for 10.15 and after.
If you can base on the computer itself, you can use the PHP version deployed with macOS.