Php & zip


I use for ZIP files with LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS the following function php in a saved file.

<?php function zip($p1,$p2) { $zip = new ZipArchive(); $zip->open($p1,ZipArchive::CREATE); $new_filename = substr($p2,strrpos($p2,'/') + 1); $zip->addFile($p2,$new_filename); $zip->close(); return $p2; } ?>

It work fine in v17R4 Mac Os & Windows 10

With the v17R6.242225 works fine in Mac Os.
But in Windows 10, I get the following error:

[]31899834;“Your comment here…”[/]

Any solution ?


you have a line


in your php.ini file. (Resources)

gd is now a static link library, in PHP 7 so you need to remove the dynamic reference.

Hi Miyako,

Now it works perfect again.

P.D. Is there another change known I have to do for php 7 ?

Thank you.