Picture Buttons

Ciao to all
Maybe this post will be the shortest and simplest…

Argument is Picture Button.
With the latest releases pictures used for buttons are now stored into Resources folder.

  1. IF I store a picture in the folded Images/Buttons/ and I set the PictureButton with the correct path, I cannot see the picture included into the button

  2. IF I open the structure locally, I can see the picture buttons created by 4D ( SO with the images stored in the Images/Buttons/LightGrey/…); I moved the structure into a server opened by 4D Server, in this situation I cannot see anymore the same picture I see opening in local.

I’m SURE it is something stupid but I cannot fix it.

Any tip?:roll:

Found a workaround: I created with the wizard a new standard input window in a table ( doesn’t matter the table…); the form showed correctly the buttons and all of they are re-apperead in all forms…


Hi Roberto,

I suppose you forgot to move the entire Resources folder (the one next to your structure file) to the server.

When letting 4D create default forms with picture buttons, the button images get copied to that folder. This explains your work around.

Kind regards,

You use the “Resources” folder ?
Did you copy this folder with your database on your server ?
Which image format do you use ?

Hmmmmmm May be you are right! I’m so bad! hahahaha