Plugin it's not shown in 32 bits


Windows 10 system 64 bits
4D v17 R3 build 17R3.228369 32 bits (beta 1)

In 4D windows, Plugin it’s not shown in 32 bits

  • 4D View
  • 4D Write
  • 4D IT

4D Write and 4D View are not available for 4D x64 in Windows anymore.

Hi Christian,

I’m talking about 32 bits

I can not upgrade Standalone/Clients to 64 bits until 4D Write Pro and 4D View Pro has our minimum requirements.
4D Write Pro import and export to Word
4D View Pro, print the spreadsheet

Sorry, my fault. In v17.0 (we are using) we have no problems (32 bit). For R3 i have to check.

Hi Alfoso,

Your post seems to be specific to v17R3 (which is still in beta);
Your post should have been made in the forums> (access restricted).

Bug reports for the Beta R-releases should be handed inside of the forums>:
[]26752951;“Report a bug”[/]

Hi Tim,

Thanks for clarification, my fault.