POP3_Download error 10030

Product :4D Internet Command / 4D server
4D v17.3

Hi everyone,
We upgraded to v17.3 at the end of last week (from v16), and since then I am having problems with the function from the Internet Commands plugin POP3_Download.

One of our methods uses POP3_Download to retrieve emails to process automatically, and it worked fine in the previous version, but now when this process runs, we get an error :
10030 from the POP3_Download function

  • which according to the documentation, means “Session was closed by the server”

But we can connect to our mail server in the same method with other POP functions - for instance -
POP3_MsgLstInfo - all worked without errors.
All the functions worked in v16. We have changed our database server machine, but it has the same IP address and we are connecting as the same username.

Having opened the POP session and retrieved a POP3ID, this is the line of code giving the error :

$error:=POP3_Download (pop3ID;$msgNo;0;$fileName)
where pop3ID is 1 , $msgNo is the message number, and $fileName is “”

Does anybody know if anything has changed with the POP3_Download function in v17 …?

Thanks very much!

We have pretty much the exact same line of code in our application and we haven’t had any issues that I know of. You might need to do some logging on the mail server side to figure out what exactly is going on.

What kind of mail server are you talking to? Ours is an Exchange server.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for your reply. Our mailserver is Kerio, and I can see the user connection in the logs, but there were no clues as to the cause of the error.

However, I have just tried a test method just downloading one message, from my own client machine rather than our 4D server machine, and that has worked!

So maybe it’s something to do with the downloads folder, or maybe how the For loop was set up, in our server method …
more testing required!

Thanks …

Sounds like you’re making progress. I’d definitely recommend that you not do things like check email using a plug-in from 4D Server. A background process on a client is a much safer way to go, and you won’t risk slowing down your server with calls to a plug-in.