POSIX Path Syntax (How to convert from 4D POSIX to Terminal POSIX?)

How do we resolve POSIX file path syntax between 4D and Mac Terminal?

This Mac system path has a space in the folder name “Final Application”:
Macintosh HD:Users:jeremyfrench:Desktop:test_notarize_01:test_notarize_01_Build:Final Application:test_notarize_01.app:

4D’s POSIX shows the space in “Final Application” unescaped:
/Users/jeremyfrench/Desktop/test_notarize_01/test_notarize_01_Build/Final Application/test_notarize_01.app/

And 4D’s escaped POSIX shows the space represented as “%28”, like this:

Neither 4D syntax (escaped or unescaped) matches Terminal’s POSIX syntax.

Terminal’s POSIX shows the space in “Final Application” escaped differently, with a left-slash: "\ "
/Users/jeremyfrench/Desktop/test_notarize_01/test_notarize_01_Build/Final\ Application/test_notarize_01.app


  1. Does Terminal escape only space characters?

  2. Are there other characters that Terminal escapes with a left-slash?

  3. Is replacing space with left-slash-space the only change needed to convert 4D’s POSIX to Terminal’s POXSIX?

To my knowledge, the only change is to escape the spaces.
But I use another way: put the path in quotation marks


quite simple, use the magic Miyako tool to notarize your app: https://github.com/miyako/4d-utility-build-application

The title is build application, but Miyako forgot to modify the description. It is a tool to codesign all needed parts and upload the result with altool to apple.

You have to change the path to your app, the name of the DMG and the account data and dont forget to create an app specific password. There is some description with screens here: https://latenightsw.com/sd-notary-notarizing-made-easy/

There are methods inside called LEP_Escape which shows how to save escape the special chars for LEP

After the upload grab the uuid and try to query the result 10 minutes later or when you get the mail from apple for the log.