Possible to get Windows Process Number for current app?

Is it possible, within 4D, to somehow read the MS windows process number for the current application?

For example: let’s say I’m in 17r6 4D, remote mode: and I have multiple instances of the same application all logged into the same 4D server: Can a client know what windows process id the current app is?>Product :4D - 4D Server

OS : Windows

Hi Tony,

Try this:
https://kb.4d.com/assetid=78082Tech Tip: Getting the PID of 4D on Windows


also look out for

ID of the 4D application instance process (provided by the OS) – allows identifying each running 4D instance, for example from an external script

in https://doc.4d.com/4Dv18/4D/18/Get-application-info.301-4505388.en.html

shameless plug https://github.com/miyako/4d-plugin-process