Print Settings 4D Write

Product :4D Write
OS : Windows
4D : v16.5

Strange behavior of “WR SET PRINT OPTION” command with option “wr paper option”.
By example, if I want to change paper format from “A4” to “A5” (“A5” supported by current printer):
Code :
WR SET PRINT OPTION ($vlCheckArea;wr paper option;0;0;vtxtPrnPaperType)

In result: Format “Letter” and all margins equals five(5).

if I try another usage form of this command - set paper sizes the result is same:
Code :
PRINT OPTION VALUES(Paper option;$arr1;$arr21;$arr22)
$l1:=Find in array($arr1;vtxtPrnPaperType)
If ($l1>0)
If (vlPrnOrientation=1)
End if
WR SET PRINT OPTION ($vlCheckArea;wr paper option;$vlPaperSize1;$vlPaperSize2;$arr1{$l1})

End if 

Somebody used this command?
maybe I make something wrong?
Thank you in advance.