Problem creating DSN with v17 R6 ODBC Driver

As part of converting our app to v17 R6 I’ve installed the Windows v17 R6 ODBC Driver, but I’m having an issue creating a DSN.

I create the DSN as usual with the R6 driver (4D v17 Rx ODBC Driver 64-bit). However the DSN gets linked to the non R-version driver (4D v17 ODBC Driver 64-bit). Since I don’t have that driver installed I can’t edit or use the DSN.

Initially we’ve worked around the issue by installing the v17.3 driver and using that instead. Does anyone know if it is ok to use the v17.3 driver with an R6 server?

Otherwise I think that I should be able fix it by editing the DSN directly in the registry.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.