Process -1 in 4D Mobile connection process?

I’ve converted a database that uses 4D mobile to v18.

I have a process that logs changes to records: by saving a “Recycle Bin” record with the change. On of the fields in [Recycle_Bin] is the process number where the change happened.

Since upgrading from 17r6 to v18: much of the activity that comes from my 4D Mobile has a -1 process number. ( -1 was returned by the Current Process command within the table triggers that recorded changes to records)

-1 process number? Is this a bug?

I have a bit more info.

I’ve verified: process number is being reported as -1.
Current Process Name: returns "REST Handler: "

This is very odd: with a Process Number of -1: how do I read any information about the process?

The REST Server is not using an explicit/same process for every client call, as a single client can have several parallel requests or none at all for a longer while. It is using a session token based session handling. So you cannot use the process number to identify a REST client connection.

Fro 4D Mobile all user identification and special user handling was supposed to be done on the Wakanda side. So the answer above might not help you. I suggest to contact tech support/TAOW for deeper analyse and answer…