Progress New boolean parameter?

Progress New accepts a boolean parameter, but this is not documented AFAIK.

From the sources I found this setting is used to set the progress window to the front.

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Which version ?

I noticed it in v17R6 because the syntax info in the footer of the method editor is now working for the progress component. Checked v15 and v16, but in those versions the component syntax info does not appear.
V18 also shows Progress New(boolean) -> Longint in the bottom left of a method window.

What happen exactly if I sent FALSE ?

C_BOOLEAN ( $1 ) //set to front (or not if not passed)

False is apparently the default behavior. When passing true, BRING TO FRONT is called to bring the progress window to the front.

So this doesn’t resolve anything for me :disappointed_relieved:

The 2 bugs for me are:

  • First: you can’t create the style of your Progress Window BEFORE this one is display (so you have to display an empty window before you can display what you want :roll_eyes:)
  • Second : when you display this progress window on PC when another window is display maximized the front window is resized every time ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Perhaps you can take advantage of our own Component : AJUI_Progressbar

Instead to use an external windows to display your progress bar, you can integrate this progress bar in your current window !

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You can also use ogTools, module Progress (progress bar, date progress, time progress, month progress, html and svg progress and so one).
This is a payed component, with plenty modules, but one of the first goal was to correct the bug in windows and maximizing.
Component is in HDI. You have a 1 hour test mode with ogTools itself.

Hello la famille Ajar, :slight_smile:
Cela me semble simple et efficace, c’est cool de pouvoir sélectionner une couleur par son nom.

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Simple question d’entrainement. Moi, quand je vois 0x8c6106, je visualise instantanément la couleur des étrons du clebs qui sévit dans ma rue.