Provide thread-safe RELATE ONE(manyTable) command

The RELATE ONE command is not currently thread-safe, most likely due to the second form of the command “RELATE ONE(manyField{;choiceField})” which has a UI element with the ;choiceField parameter.

Please provide a new thread-safe command that does what RELATE ONE(manyTable) does. In the documentation this is referred to as the first form of the RELATE ONE command.

The first form of the command is useful for generic coding to load all possible related records across all related tables.

It is possible to do this with 4D code, but it is quite difficult to get right and the performance is at least 3 to 4 times slower than the RELATE ONE(manyTable) command.

Thank you

I second this request, please separate the two forms of that command. The 1st one is very useful for good performances in wan context, while the second seems a bit “has been” to me. Turning legacy code to orda doesn’t take a day, legacy code is still required for printing commands.

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