QR ON COMMAND not working

I’d like to be able to get some information about a quick report when a user runs one, and it looks like QR ON COMMAND might let me do that by specifying area of 0 (zero). However, the method specified for QR ON COMMAND never runs.

This is on v17 64-bit, but a few commands claim to have 64-bit support.

The possibility to intercept events in a method when you use the QR REPORT command is in our backlog.
Take a look on next releases!
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I managed to accomplish most of what I needed, which was to find out what saved quick report the user had run. Turns out the quick report editor sets the “document” variable, probably as a side effect of the built-in 4D commands. So after the quick report editor finishes I can check if the user loaded a report and process accordingly.