QR Reports Dialog common functions

Some of my customers used the old QR Report dialog successfully. Here are some suggestions for the new one that would reduce confusion and work for the users.

Allow the language to set the dialog’s Reports folder so that the “Open” and “Save” buttons use that folder. Different sets of reports could be exposed for different db areas.
Display the name of the opened report in the dialog.
Let the “Save” button immediately save the current report’s changes.
Have a separate “Duplicate” or “Save as” option to create copies of a report.

There are many bugs in the new interface. :worried:

I just open a new one for the wrong use of format from old Report files. We obtain the symbol “?” for separator in the numeric field for ALL destination choices.

We can’t change easily the format with the actual interface for “cross table” report.
And when we use included report editor in a form there is no possibility to modify format ?!