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We have a form that contains a “Quick Report” area.

When the form is shown in Mac 64-bit version, only the column headings and rows are shown, none of the user interface for the toolbar etc is shown.

Is that expected?

With Mac 32-bit, all the user interface toolbar etc are shown.

Tested with v17 and v16R6

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Yes, it is expected as such. Read about the details behind in the announcement blog (for v15 R2):

In short - in 32 bit it was a plugin, based on old (Altura/Carbon) technology, so needed to be rewritten.
In 64 bit it is fully rewritten in plain 4D code.

The quick report is in fact 3 parts:

  • a report engine
  • a set of commands to design the content of the report
  • an user interface using the set of commands to design the report and using the engine to print.

As result, you are not required anymore to “take it or leave it”. With 32 bit, either you liked it, or you could not use it at all.
Now you can download even the source code of the quick report editor:

4D Partner channel > 4D Partners Worldwide > Announcements > Publication of components source code

Open it, modify it, use it in your application as you like.
Either by using it as the report command in 4D (base your code on method “00_OPEN_WIZARD”), or embedded in your form (base it on form “NQR”, don’t forget init code from “00_OPEN_WIZARD”

Also see:

A little bit more work upfront, but resulting in much more flexibility.

If you visited 4D Summit 2018 you could watch the recording of the break out session for this topic, showing more examples how to use it. (title: Modify or Customize 4D’s Internal Dialogs • Summit 2018)

Hi Thomas

Excellent! Thanks. Thought that would be the case, just wasn’t up to speed with where to get that source stuff, even though I do read the blog! I used to be able to keep it all in memory, but those days have since passed.

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We are also facing similar problems :

The code below that used to work for 32 bit 4dv15 has stopped working for 4dv17 64bit … The default report editor menu does not show.

	C_LONGINT(rpt_edit)  // rpt_edit   is a variable pointing to a area in the form. 
	QR NEW AREA(->rpt_edit)
	QR SET AREA PROPERTY(rpt_edit;qr view contextual menus;1)  // Show the contextual menus within a editor so that we atlease can do something on it (like Add/Delete/Modify)
	QR BLOB TO REPORT(rpt_edit;[report]report_blob)

My question : Is there a report editor demo database that we can evaluate to see where we are going wrong…




The new Quick Report editor is a complete horror. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but it’s a complete downgrade. The field list is hidden by default. Why? When you’re going to the Quick Report editor, you do so to work with fields, so why not show them? What are they saving space for. Secondly, when you do get the field list, the default is that all the fields in related fields default to being shown. If you only want to see the fields in the current table, you have to go down the list, clicking the arrow up. That should not be the default. Finally, all the functions that had been on menu options now require the control key to show them. Again, this makes no sense. You now have to have another hand on the keyboard to hold the control down all the time. What are they saving space for? The menu doesn’t take much room.

In the old Quick Report editor, you could drop a couple fields in, set up totals, and preview it in under 30 seconds. This new design is horrible. I have had nothing but complaints from my clients, wanting to go back to the old version. The new one is hard to use and hard to train new users to use.

I would really like to hear 4D justify these decisions.

Let’s have the source code for the old version, so we can go back to that.

Randy Kaempen
Intellex Corporation


4D Partner channel > 4D Partners Worldwide > Announcements > Publication of components source code

What do that mean? I can’t find anything like those sections on the 4D site. Where exactly is this ‘4D Partner channel’?

I am looking for the quick report source code.

By the way, this page:


has a link which refers to the old forum site and still doesn’t take you to a download area.


Randy Kaempen
Intellex Corporation

The Thomas post is one year old. According to this post, the published components sources are now on GitHub. Specifically 4D report component

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