Raccourci clavier dans l'explorateur

Pourquoi on ne pourrait-on pas avoir le raccourci clavier de suppressions d’elements comme celui du Finder Pomme + backspace ?

Actuellement, il faut passer par un clic droit ou utiliser l’option “Effacer” du menu “Édition” ? Bizarre d’ailleurs comme libellé “Supprimer” serait plus juste.

Do you mean items like project methods?
On Windows, there is no “Delete” option on the “Edit” menu when you select a project method.

On Windows keyboards, we have a “Delete” key, which I would prefer for deleting project methods. (I know that the concept of a “Delete” key is not well known in the Apple world)

Beware the traduction of the actual item in the “Edit” menu is actually “Erase”’:thinking:. (“Effacer” in french). You erase a character in a text, but you delete an items (file or methods, etc.)
And this option have no shortcut.

Yes, for delete one or many selected items.

We could imagine differents methods for deleting the items on each platform but, on Mac keyboard there is also a “Suppr” (in French) key; this key is normally the opposite for the Backspace (= erase to the left). But it’s true that it is less used on Mac.

And personally, I prefer have to use 2 keys associated than only one for this type of dangerous action.

Interesting :slight_smile: In Germany, this key is labeled “Entf” (for “Entfernen”) but there is no such distinction (like in French) between the two types of delete/erase.

On Windows, there is a shortcut Ctrl+D for deleting files in the Windows Explorer (Finder). But normally you use “Entf” for deleting files.
The dangerousness is limited, because you have a trash.

The distinction (I made) is only in the language use (You could use this physical key for what you want).

Actually, there is a problem (bug ? However the shortcut indicated in the menu is the same that the one in the Finder for delete items) in Mail on macOS, the simple use of the backspace key trash directly the selected mails !!! BUT, you can decide to NOT have any trash for a POP account (preferences)! In this case, the use of this simple/unique key is REALLY dangerous you can loose mails if you don’t pay attention.