Reading shared Objects: atomic commands?

Referring to documentation on:
Shared objects and shared collections
… where it says


However, it is necessary to read a shared object/collection within
Use…End use when several values are linked together and must be
read at once, for consistency reasons.

Let’s say I have a shared object: If I want to read multiple properties from it, are there “atomic” commands that will read the whole thing - without the possibility of portions of the shared object being changed while I’m reading?

Example: If I do an OB COPY of a shared object: is this safe without USE / END USE?

Hi Tony,

if you read a shared object with one 4D command, it’s atomic.
If you have several commands for reading and you need ne be sure those values are consistent, then you should use Use/End Use. Honestly i never had such a case, because i use shared objects for global property-stuff only.