Regression in menu editor

Ok, this is not new, it was 2 or 3 years ago, I discovered one regression and one bug. As it is still in v18 version, today I take my best pencil :slight_smile:

You can’t anymore drag and drop a menu line item of a menu bar in another menu. Only in the same menu. Very frustrating to reorganize: you have to recreate all by hand.

When you reorganize menu lines in the same menu (see regression, you can’t somewhere else), each time you move a line, the standard action field is populated with a “0”. This makes the menu line inactive. If you are not sharp, your final client call you because he can’t access your function…

What about repairing both ?

I try to reproduce the bug, and obviously it is not there anymore !
But it just append to me 5 minutes before, and so many time the last years…

I could only encourage you to no more use this old editor. You should make your menu directly with the 4D language.

Ok, then what will I do with 4D itself if I have to rewrite all it proposes ?
After ogResourcesBuddy, have to think on a ogMenuBuddy ? :rofl:

It is not the only editor still present to no more use (see the Image Library, or User Mode, etc.)

Yes for sure ! You’re right !!
I do all my menu by hand, but not those one in the main menu bar.


The "0" came by magik... and makes the line inactive, whatever the checkbox.

Why ?