Remember clipboards in method editor

I’d like the 9 clipboards available at top of the method editor to remember their content between 2 4D sessions. It’s quite frustrating to find them empty after a crash or when i resume work from the day before.

Indeed ! :+1:

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4mn to react = “he’s really fed up” :rofl:

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VDL a créé il y a quelques années un 4Dpop à ce sujet:

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This would be wonderful. The more state that can be remembered between relaunches (9 clipboards, find in design windows, collapse/expand state of folders in Explorer) makes development so much nicer. It’s the little things! :slight_smile:

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This is nice, but honestly I’d rather have the ability to have longer method names first.


Yeah, that too! :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,
I’d like it too - I wonder how many times it’s been requested, discussed, voted… Here I’m speaking about writing a few texts in disk, reading them on startup to preset these buttons with. Doesn’t seem huge.


I completely agree, this is one area that I would have thought could have been improved upon easily. Maybe I’m missing something, but just about every Developer I talk with says the same thing…for better code clarity we need the ability to use longer names.




Install and use a system clipboard manager like Pastebot (macOS).