Repair Data "Anomalies have been detected"

You have to evaluate what is the cost for you to lost data. If it cost nothing , yes its not worth the cost :slight_smile:

But I can tell you that some organisation are ready to spend a LOT of money to ensure their system running and making sure the full integrity of their data.

And what we are discussing is only a matter of processing data when the automated process was put in place…

You don’t understand what I mean; there are many types of organisations: big, medium, small.
They all want and care about data and backup integrity but they can’t use 2 servers just to be sure that a backup file is correct.

All I want is just a simple(*) option that verify if my backup file is correct. That’s it.

(*) A simple check box in the backup preference to activate this option (just to be sure that the file is good).

We are editor, the most of the time the backup is done during the night. (if it takes 1 hour to verify the backup who cares there is no one in the office !)

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