Resize objects proportionally

Hi everyone, I’m using 4D v17 recently and i’m in love with it, i came from v11 and all that i’ve found were so amazing.

Now i just have a question, I’m designing a form tha shows many fields, and i’m trying to make this resizable for use in many monitors as i can, but now i have an issue trying to resize two contiguous fields, when i try to resize both of them it becomes larger at the same time looking like this

Before resizing

After resizing

as you see in the red mark, all object enlarges over other objects, i want to move and resize proportionally like in responsive web pages, maybe is there any way to do that?

Thanks for your help and advices

There is no simple solution for that, only one at a time can be resizable…
You certainly can do something by programming but is it worth it ?

Thanks for your answer, really i think that i need it for resize to many monitor configurations, because i have the idea to put a main window maximized to admin all the application.

So if i try to maximize that window, it seems useful to me that all forms have the proportionally size, but you’re right, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to my application, as i am also a web developer i saw useful that feature.

maybe 4D should think in that feature in the future, now that they are allowing many things from the web ecosystem, in my opinion

again, thanks for your answer

See you soon