SDI & Excle


during the Summit and the , Keisuke showed us an interaction between 4D and Excel.
Has someone any information on how to do this kind of interaction from 4D to Excel and Excel to 4D?
For whose want to see what I’m speaking about, have a look on the latest video of Keisuke, starting 6:45 mins and available on the>

Patrick excel> excel>
(just a guess)

Do you think that will work to update Excel and update value in 4D?
I tried to listen with a huge attention, and it seems that he’s speaking about REST API, but I’m not sure.

I will have a look anyway to these links


J’ai ouvert la base de démo SDI.4dbase, sur mac, ça ne se passe pas comme dans la vidéo :frowning:
(les français parlent aux français)

D’où ma question :wink:

J’ai eu plein de messages désagréables au sujet de macros, puis ça n’a pas marché bien que j’ai tout autorisé. Peut-être un problème entre versions ms office…

C’est pourquoi, si l’on pouvait avoir un peu d’informations complémentaires, ce serait bien

the database depends on a VBA/REST library> which is a rest client. I have edited the library a little bit for better unicode support. incidentally, the sample data is derived from a classic microsoft demo

at the time of the summit, the demo worked on mac with Excel 15.16 for Mac, but not the newer Excel 16.x.

maybe because 15 is 32-bit and 16 is 64-bit (by default).


since the demo was for windows, I didn’t invest into fixing the library for mac.

of course, VBA+REST may not be the best way to connect on the desktop.

add-on is more cross-platform,

SQL requires no server license for 4D Unlimited Desktop (the SQL server is enabled for local desktop connection) unlike REST.

Thanks for your explanations, Miyako :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all these explanations.
Will see now if I’m able to move on this way :wink: