[SDI] expand the window control commands


Here Armin Deeg’s post on the old forum:

I think it makes sense to expand the windows commands especially in windows SDI mode.

$vl_count:=Count Screens
A command to count the number of screens. (found: sorry looked under the windows theme)

$vl_screen:=Get current Screen
A command to get the current screen

expand the window commands
to set a parameter for the screen (Get/Set)

get/set window controls
To check and set the window buttons zoom and minimize

Windows OS: set SDI Title bar color (to change the white to another color)

get visible Screen size (screen number;left;top;right;bottom)
The command should consider the positions and sizes of the 4D Toolbar form window, 

the Mac Dock, the Windows Taskbar, etc.

At point 3 I have the problem under Windows in SDI mode, if the window is on screen 2 and I change the size with Set Window Rect, then the window jumps to the main screen.

Point 6 is necessary so that large windows don’t slip under the windows taskbar or the macOS dock.
Thanks Armin

In 4D v18 R2, you can know the work area. For more detail, please take a look at this blog post.

Download 4D v18 R2 and find all the 4D v18 R2 new features on our web site.


Thanks Vanessa it works fine as expected.

SCREEN COORDINATES($vl_left;$vl_top;$vl_right;$vl_bottom;$vl_screen;Screen work area)

This command should also linked inside the windows theme of the doc.4d.com