Select Document using wrong file extension

When running the following line of code on Windows 10:

Select document(“C:\label.4lbp”;".4lbp";“Select file…”;File name entry)

I’m presented with the standard file selection dialog. However, the filename is set to “label.4lb” instead of “label.4lbp”. So it does change the extension of the file name I’m passing. Also in the file type dropdown it says "4D Label file (.4lb;.4lbp). I don’t even want the user to select the old 4lb format, but could live with it as a compatibility option. But as the extension of my file also is changed from 4lbp to 4lb, there is a huge risk that the user will select a wrong file.

For the file type I have tried “4lbp”, “.4lbp”, “4lbp;4lb” and “.4lbp;.4lb”. All of them lead to the above described behavior. The only workaround I’ve found so far is using “*” or “” to disable filtering, in which case my extension remains unchanged.

I’m running on v17 R4 Build 232860.

Anyone having a solution for this?