SET tsdSep and decSep individual (or to automatic from system)

Since 4Dv11
in displayFormatStr (formatPattern) for numbers
the placeholder symbol for thousand separator
and for decimal separator is even international neutral
comma for thousand and period for decimal.
To have even same placeholder symbol
makes it easy to manage formatStrings in a multilang space
(Before 4Dv11 it belongs to 4DLangVersion which symbol is the placeholder).
Not only the rule for separator placeholder changed,
the output/result changed too, it even placed
automatically the separators which
individual defined by users operating system.
That is good too, any user can now see his numbers displayed
like it is usual on his own OS.
Not good is that this numbers display behavior
can not enhanced from the user individual OS setting
(in some other apps it is possible to do this).

My feature request:


setDecSep4D(clientOrServer;Automatic System Default) // already exist





When it is possible to set num-separators to autoSysDefault
or to any other individual symbol what is needed/wished
than no longer a user must change his os-settings (for all his apps)
to use other separators in one app/client (made with 4D).
A 4DUser can defined in his accountSetting his own separators (or alternativ AutoSysDefault),
and by login with client he got always the same (not belongs to any machine/os).
Other example, generating a document (maybe a print)
on any machine/os not with user system individual num-separators.
It is nice that user can see his own usual separators
but it is bad when a user generates Invoice-PDFs
which belongs to his company outfit.
The user do not write his own invoice,
he writes an invoice for the company where he works.
The user need/like his own individual views
but sometimes the document is not for him
it is for other destination and must beware their outfit.
There are so many use cases
which needed free to set the output-num-separators
to autoSysDefault or to any other needed symbol.
To use a 4D-Client on a machine/os
means not this machine/os is only reserved
and customized for only this one client-app
or for any one individual document to create.
It is not possible to change even the os-setting
when user need other num-separators for a individual part.
It is too much work to change/clone all 4DCodes and 4DForms
to get any wished fix num-sep, because this needed
to change all var/expressions from num to txt
and than fill/generate txt with wished separators…
So please give setters for num-separators in
4Ds output/result/display (not formatPattern)
to set this alternativ for a whole client
or for a whole process or for a form or printSession.
Getters which get the separators defined by OS always exist (good)
and new Setters need than additional getters
to getCurrent4DSep process individual.