SMTP New Transporter - A new way to manage emails

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Thank you Mohamed,
very interesting.
I will try very soon.

What do you recommend for handling gmail accounts (and other such ones) that require 2-step authentication before permitting the transmission of emails from 4D?

You need to create “App passwords”, using your Google Account settings.
This means one separated password for each app.
An app is a router which automatically sends notifications.
Or an IoT device in your home.
Or a printer (fax/scanner)
Or any other application, such as 4D.

this is the recommended way. this password can be used to send/receive mails, but not to “take over” your account, login with a browser, modify account password, etc. If this password get’s lost, your mails can be read, but you cannot lose your account. And as each app has it’s own password, you can remove the access for a single application/device without losing all other access rights.

Another possible way is to integrate the Google native way. This is not a standard, it is only used by Google. There are some plugins (see helping to do that. Reminder, Google is changing often, so you need to expect to spend every year some hours/days to adapt your code. This is why most applications are using “App passwords”.

Thank you. I will try it today!