SMTP New transporter and MIME

Using SMTP_QuickSend I can successfully send a 4D Write Pro document exported using WP EXPORT VARIABLE with wk mime html format as the body of an email generated by passing sessionParam = 8.

Because I need to also include some attachments in the email, I’m trying to use SMTP New transporter but so far I have not been able to get the MIME to appear in the email as HTML. With SMTP_QuickSend, I can pass the sessionParam = 8 to specify MIME HTML. Is there a way to do that with transporter.send?

In the meantime I’m using the wk web page html 4D format with WP EXPORT VARIABLE.

I am using v17R4 Windows.

Thanks for any comments,

Tom Benedict

SMTP New transporter and the command to create MIME, are the first steps to a powerful set of commands.
So far you can create MIME on your own and send them via SMTP.

We are working on parsing MIME (which you need to use MIME created by 4D Write Pro or received mails, to parse them (=convert to object), maybe modify (such as adding an enclosure) and then to send it.
And on commands to receive mails, such as via POP3 or IMAP.

This is a huge project - and so far you just see the beginning. More to see in future releases.

Thanks for the comments Thomas. I’ll be looking forward to more news on SMTP New transporter in coming releases.


Ces commandes sont elles utilisables maintenant ? Quel en est l’avancement ?
Nous venons de poser un message sur le forum sur le sujet.
Nous commençons à travailler sur les réponses mail dans une messagerie 4D en construction et sommes à la peine sur ce point ! (Le reste marche tres bien Smtp Transporter et Pop3 ainsi que la notation objet)
Comment organiser une réponse à un mail avec en queue l’historique du message. Nous avons de multiples questions en texte et html, la récupération des éléments adresses,… la mise en forme…

To convert MIME to MAIL object:

Take a look at " Example 2".