SMTP Server

Has anyone been able to create an SMTP Server through 4D? We used to use Apple’s Web Server to send mail, but the new version doesn’t have an SMTP serving capabilities. I’m hoping to either create my own (if possible) or find a better option than I’m using now…[email]


I don’t think you really want to do this. Email is a beast. :slight_smile:

Use VMware (or some decent hardware), Ubuntu Server LTS and iRedMail. I run this in VMware (Fusion for Mac) on a MacMini.

Hello Tim!

It’s possible to create your own SMTP Server with 4D and 4D Internet Commands or NTK.
I used to set up a simple SMTP Server with ITK almost 20 years ago for the test and to learn Internet Protocols.

You first of all take a look at the document of RFCs.
RFC2821 describes how to exchange messages between a client and a server.
Creating a simple mail server is not so complicated.

For example if you just want send a simple text mail to your SMTP Server and then the server forwards it to another SMTP Server outside of your local network, there may be some realities.

However if your 4D mail server receives some weird mails, you may have to get lid of this great challenge due to the security reason.

Mitty Yokota


We are using Amazon AWS for smtp for some of our clients. It works great, it is reliable and cheap (0,10 USD per 1 000 emails, 0,12 USD Gb attachements).
It support features like SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
I got a quota for 50000 emails / 24 hours (just a simple request).
But Amazon expect a low bounce rate (ideally less than 5%), if you go over 10%, your account may be suspended.

In the Apple support note :

Apple suggests these open-source alternatives :

Kerio :

Dovecot/Postfix :

Courrier :

I haven’t tried any of theses solutions.

Hi Bruno,

KerioConnect is a commercial product, recently sold to GFI (US company) - they want to switch to a “rental only” system + maintenance fee. An elegant way to get rid of the customers. :slight_smile:

If it “only” involves implementing the latest SMTP and IMAP protocols, it may be a finite amount of work. Today however the mail office is also expected to weed out spam and malware.

Did this years ago for 4D v11/v12 before it supported SSL/TLS using NTK. It’s a whole bunch of work, expect 2-3 months full time. The RFCs are - at the best - ‘funny’, but mostly killing your last nerve.

If you have a customer paying for it - fine. Otherwise, just send the mails to an SMTP server and outsource it.